Product features

IR thermal imager

IR thermal imager adopts local front-end temperature measurement technology, and front-end hd webcam infrared temperature superposition to avoid the problem of network transmission delay and ensure the real-time temperature response.

HD 200W pixels IP camera

640*480/384*288 uncooled full real-time high-sensitivity thermal image camera, which can perform the long-distance non-contact measurement of the surface temperature of human body.

Non-contact measurement

Non-contact measurement over long distances, rapid and safe. Intelligent temperature measurement, automatic calibration of body and surface temperature.

High-precision measurement

Built-in reference blackbody and high-precision temperature sensor, completely eliminate temperature drift, can work stably and reliably for many years, and is not affected by factors such as ambient temperature.

Temperature range 0-60 °C 

Real-time dynamic thermal imaging, Multi-target automatic measurement. 


The system can provide a video recording function that allows all-day video recording to the monitoring screen in real time.

BlackBody calibration device

BlackBody is a standardized temperature source. The thermal device is calibrated based on the temperature of the calibration module. The device is connected to the BlackBody so that the calibration takes place in real time and to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement ± 0.2 ° C. No internet connection required.


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